About me

About me

Born and raised in Paris, it is where I started photography at 17 years old. I was passionate about great images, inspired by movies and famous photographers such as Saul Leiter or Richard Avedon. Back then, I was only shooting occasionally, whenever I wasn't busy studying or working.

Forward to 2013, I finished studying, found myself in England, and after a first busy year, I had finally more time to devote to photography and investigate different disciplines or genre.

Being an IT professional, most of my weeks are spent indoors, sitting in front of a computer. It is at that point that I felt drawn to the outdoors, to escape the city and this urban life to reconnect with nature.

Being in a different country than my own, I had to build my knowledge of my area, the Midland. This is where I discovered 2 places that drove my photography upward: the Peak District (landscape photography) and Bradgate Park (wildlife photography).

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From that point, photography has been empowering me to discover new places, and appreciated the world with a completely new perspective. I owe so many experiences to this hobby as well as my passion for the outdoors.

Photography has been a pretext to get me out of the house early morning and stayed late in the evening or even sometimes up at night for some astrophotography. Moving forward, I want to expand on what I built, keep visiting new places, keep photographing places and species that I cherish and appreciate. I would love also to give more meaning to my photography by protecting what love so much: nature and the great outdoor.

"Thanks to my wife, for always capturing me when I do what I love."

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